Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stewartstown Gutter Cleaning

 back right section of the house

 front right section of the house

The back gutter is full all way across on the right side.  It looks like a bit of oak leaves, pine needles, and smaller leaf.  

After shot of back right section of gutter

 the Left side, in the back of the house, was spotty a patch of leaves and debris here and there.

 Aftershot of the back left section of gutter

The top front of the house, is pitched the wrong direction the debris and water has all accumulated away from the downspout.  It probably won't be an issue with ice or anything, the main concern is going to be attracting bugs. Bee's like to hang around water, and mosquitoes do there egg laying in standing water.

 Front right, top gutter, still has water stains in it you can see how high the water was in the gutters

  The front of the house is full on the right side under  what looks like a cherry tree.  The left side of the house, just above the garage had very minimal debris

 after shot of front right of the house.

 Upon flushing the downspouts I noticed the debris shooting back up the downspout by this elbow at the bottom of the leader pipe. 

 I found an 2 inch screw holding the elbow onto the extension pipe to move the rain water away from the house.  I remove that screw and replace it with a gutter screw, only about a 1/2 inch long. 

I put a screw in the leader pipe joint to hold them together. 

2 Buckets full, and a few screws later the house in stewartstown has clean gutters.

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