Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Manchester, PA Gutter Cleaning

This time of year, it is a fight to get the jobs done before the sun goes down and the temperatures drop....

It was the end of the day and I fought with the idea of pushing this job off until another day.  However, we were already in their town and we were able to get enough light on the area to do the job.  As far as dealing with the drop in temp, you will see in the following pictures what happens to the soil that has composted in someone's gutters over seasons and then sat through freezing temperatures.

 What you see here is a chunk of frozen dirt and leaves.  I had to get under the mass with a crowbar.  Due to the design of gutter system, which is probably the most common type, I could only break it apart in about one foot section between the hangers.

A closeup after shot of the gutter.

 This was probably one of the more difficult jobs in recent history.  If this cleaning had occurred in the Summer, it would have been a warm smelly mess.  In the late Fall/early winter, it became a frozen block.

You can certainly understand why some gutter cleaning companies quit working this time of year.  We will however, do the jobs they pass on.  After reading this though, one can see the advantage to us, the service provider, in having the majority of our customers on a regular maintenance plan.  We will gladly discount the price per visit if we know it has been maintained properly on a regular basis.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

East York Gutter Cleaning

Just when you think you've seen it all....

This customer in East York, PA had a moderate amount of leaves in his gutters.  The major cause for blockage, however was several newspapers lodged in the spouting.  I say this half jokingly, but nonetheless: Don't forget to tip your newspaper delivery person this holiday season or it may cost you more than you like.  
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Gutter Cleaning with Repair at the lower Elbow

At every job, if the customer is home to discuss the issues we ask them to tell us what they have been experiencing.  Today, one of our York, Pa customers indicated they were getting water in their basement.

First, we got up on the roof.  We saw there was some debris- mostly in the front.  This made sense, because this is where the trees are.

 However, the customer indicated that the basement leakage was in the rear of his home.  After we did everything from the top that we would normally do, not finding anything major that would cause the water in the basement, we walked around the outside on the ground level.

This is what we found

Water was shooting out the bottom of the downspout and into the basement.

You can see that water would be sneaking through the gap, rather than flowing down the extension pipe as it should.  To fix this issue, we cut the extension pipe on an angle.  Then we reattached it, giving it a cleaner fit.  From this point forward, rainwater should be properly directed away from his home.  Professionals recommend 10 foot extenders on your downspouts.

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