Friday, October 10, 2014

The need for clean gutters- York, PA

The gutters on your home are very important and are not to be ignored. Your gutter system is designed to direct rain water away from your home. A clogged gutter system could lead to washed out soil or mulch, water in the basement, moldy stains down the siding, standing water for insect breeding grounds (more over the Summer months), ice damns over the winter, among other issues associated with misdirected water.

Depending on the types of trees in your area, many homeowners need to tend to their gutters 2-3 times per year. However, the Fall is one that is generally a heavier time for debris and therefore a more obvious time of need for gutter cleaning.

The process for cleaning gutters at Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning is simple, yet effective. The scoop, brush, and flush , method is tried and true. If done routinely, cleaning can usually be accomplished without difficulty. If minor tune-ups are needed when we are out for cleanings, the trucks are equipped to deal with a variety of repairs for many different types of gutter.

We understand that there are reasons why a homeowner may not want to clean out their gutters: fear of heights, trouble with moving around and properly setting up a ladder- if they do possess a tall enough one in the first place, or even lack of time. Many of us lead busy lives and find it more advantageous to hire a company that specializes on different maintenance needs rather than play handy-man and often spend all weekend making trips to the hardware store.

Whether you are willing and able to clean out your own gutters or you would rather hire a professional, don't delay. It is by far more cost effective to keep the gutter system cleaned and maintained on a regular routine than to ignore them and risk more costly repairs. While you enjoy the crisp Autumn air and see the gutters of Central, PA accumulate the varied colored leaves, remember you could cross the gutter cleaning chore off your list with a simple phone call to Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning 717-814-8595. -or-email inquiries to

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gutter Cleaning Dallastown, PA

This was a typical, "My mulch is washing out when it rains" case.  You can see the gutters chock full of debris.  Time for the Mr. Green crew to get to work clearing the spouts.

Here are a few closeup shots of the flower bed.  We left this home's downspouts cleared and flushed with a recommendation to have us back in 6 months.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cleaning Gutter Covers York PA

"I was told that I would never have to clean my gutters again...."
Let me just say, "Sorry."  We did not sell you that cover and now you can't get the installer out to maintain it.  Maintain it?  Yes, maintain it.  You may have purchased on a "Never Clean Your Gutters Again" slogan, but as you can see, you have found that was incorrect.

Here you can see evidence in the mulch washout that the gutters are overflowing when it rains.  Check out our site for more information about signs the gutters are clogged.

Let's climb up and see what is hiding under the gutter covers on this York, PA home.

What do we do now after the typical scoop, brush, and flush?  Ask the customer if they want us to place the covers back on the home.  The gutter covers may extend time between cleanings.  However, they will also raise your price per cleaning as they add an extra piece to deal with and get around when cleaning the gutter system.  Just a few points to consider.
As always, thanks for reading.  Follow us on Facebook or Call today for a free over the phone quote if you are in Central, PA 717-814-8595

Friday, April 18, 2014

Springettsbury Township Gutter Cleaning

The culprit for clogging gutters at this Springettsbury home are the tiny compacting leaves of a locust tree.
The leaves of a locust tree compact down to the point where you will not see them from below and you may not see them from an upper floor window.  

When we come to clean your gutters, we get on the roof and walk the edge.  You can clearly see in the closeup shot what has been stopping these gutters from flowing properly.  We scoop.....

We brush.....

Now that the gutters have been completely brushed, we can flush the downspouts. This is one of the most important parts, possibly the most important part of the process  If you clean the main portion of gutter and leave the downspout clogged, you will leave the home's gutters overflowing with the next rain.
It can sometimes be a slimey, dirty job, but it's a very important task.