Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gutter Cleaning York Lancaster

An additional service at no extra cost is the roof inspection.  Once the debris is cleared from the roof and gutters, we sometimes find a hole, missing shingle, or a vent pipe in  need of re-caulking.

If it can be simply fixed, we will do so at no extra charge. If it is something more major, we will generally offer a temporary solution to buy time for a professional roofer to fit your home into their schedule.  WE ARE BY NO MEANS PROFESSIONAL ROOFERS- However, when our techs are walking on the roof, they do notice issues that would not be seen from the ground.  

If and when an issue is found, the tech will:
1-take pictures 2- offer a temporary solution 3- report findings to the customer

This service, which often renders no special issues to report can be very valuable to a homeowner that would otherwise only notice a roof issue once water has saturated drywall.