Monday, November 11, 2013

Gutter Cleaning with Repair at the lower Elbow

At every job, if the customer is home to discuss the issues we ask them to tell us what they have been experiencing.  Today, one of our York, Pa customers indicated they were getting water in their basement.

First, we got up on the roof.  We saw there was some debris- mostly in the front.  This made sense, because this is where the trees are.

 However, the customer indicated that the basement leakage was in the rear of his home.  After we did everything from the top that we would normally do, not finding anything major that would cause the water in the basement, we walked around the outside on the ground level.

This is what we found

Water was shooting out the bottom of the downspout and into the basement.

You can see that water would be sneaking through the gap, rather than flowing down the extension pipe as it should.  To fix this issue, we cut the extension pipe on an angle.  Then we reattached it, giving it a cleaner fit.  From this point forward, rainwater should be properly directed away from his home.  Professionals recommend 10 foot extenders on your downspouts.

If you have an issue in the York, Lancaster, or Harrisburg area with your gutters or downspouts, call us today 717-814-8595.

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