Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cleaning Gutter Covers York PA

"I was told that I would never have to clean my gutters again...."
Let me just say, "Sorry."  We did not sell you that cover and now you can't get the installer out to maintain it.  Maintain it?  Yes, maintain it.  You may have purchased on a "Never Clean Your Gutters Again" slogan, but as you can see, you have found that was incorrect.

Here you can see evidence in the mulch washout that the gutters are overflowing when it rains.  Check out our site for more information about signs the gutters are clogged.

Let's climb up and see what is hiding under the gutter covers on this York, PA home.

What do we do now after the typical scoop, brush, and flush?  Ask the customer if they want us to place the covers back on the home.  The gutter covers may extend time between cleanings.  However, they will also raise your price per cleaning as they add an extra piece to deal with and get around when cleaning the gutter system.  Just a few points to consider.
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