Friday, April 18, 2014

Springettsbury Township Gutter Cleaning

The culprit for clogging gutters at this Springettsbury home are the tiny compacting leaves of a locust tree.
The leaves of a locust tree compact down to the point where you will not see them from below and you may not see them from an upper floor window.  

When we come to clean your gutters, we get on the roof and walk the edge.  You can clearly see in the closeup shot what has been stopping these gutters from flowing properly.  We scoop.....

We brush.....

Now that the gutters have been completely brushed, we can flush the downspouts. This is one of the most important parts, possibly the most important part of the process  If you clean the main portion of gutter and leave the downspout clogged, you will leave the home's gutters overflowing with the next rain.
It can sometimes be a slimey, dirty job, but it's a very important task.  

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