Friday, March 27, 2015

Sizing up Gutter Guards Screens Which one is best for You

If you think gutter covers or screens solve the issue of clogged gutters, notice what has built up under these waterfall covers in Red Lion, PA.  You know the drill, we scoop, we brush....

Here's the part where I'm not sure if I should go...the thing is that you're not supposed to promote yourself by bashing your competition.  I just can't let this one alone though.  I was recently on a competitor's website, looking over the way they breakdown pricing.  Besides the fact that "flushing the downspout" is an extra charge (actually once I added up all the "extras" that we include, I found their pricing to be about THREE times ours), I was stuck on the wording in the gold and platinum level packages: "we will flush the downspout when deemed necessary."
We beg to differ.  It is ALWAYS necessary.  When you grab a clump at the top of the downspout and peer into the top, it may appear clear.  It is not until you apply water pressure to the downspout that you would find out if the water pressure would push out some debris or if more effort is required.

This particular downspout was so blocked up that we had to take it apart to clear it properly.

THIS IS WHY WE SCOOP, BRUSH, AND FLUSH- EVERY JOB, EVERY TIME. Very often, when a new customer has decided to give us a try, we find the downspouts caked with mud- why?? The homeowner will tell you- because their previous gutter cleaner didn't flush the downspouts.

Now that the gutter system is clear of debris, it's time to put it all back in place.  To read more about gutter covers and the maintenance of gutter systems with or without a screen on top check out Gutter Cleaning York Lancaster Harrisburg.

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